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10 Best Netflix Original Series to Binge

Netflix original series

 If you are looking for the most-talked Netflix original series and movies from around the world. Moreover, Netflix is best for you because it streams thousands of movies and shows globally. Also, they have got award-winning shows, movies, documentaries, and stand-ups. 

When it comes to Netflix Original Series, it never disappoints its audience. Netflix has shows like The Crown, YOU, Money Heist, Never Have I Ever, Elite and Toyboy. Therefore, Netflix original series serve on the silver platter to its audience.

The primary purpose of Netflix is to give the best cinematic experience in a single online streaming platform to you. Moreover, now you can enjoy watching  Netflix Series with your loved ones whenever you want and wherever you are. Yes, you have heard it right. Netflix Party extension brings you the privilege of watching your favorite videos with your friends together anywhere you want. Although, if you are wondering what is best to watch. Then we are here to save your time; here are some of the TOP 10 Netflix original series to binge on:


the witcher
The Witcher saga continues with Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), whose purpose in life is to hunt demons and monsters. Soon, his life unravels with a ‘law of surprise’ where his destiny intertwines with Princess Cirila of Cintra. Geralt often struggles to find a world where people are more wicked than monsters. Therefore, this suspenseful thriller drama is a Netflix Original Series, which you would want to binge-watch.



Bored from his sulking life in hell, Lucifer abandoned his throne as the Lord of Hell and settled in LA. “Lucifer” is the Netflix original series, where the story revolves around the Fallen Angel aka Devil (Lucifer Morningstar).  Lucifer, who escapes from his responsibilities as the Lord of Hell and starts a new life in LA.  Watch how his life takes unforeseen turns when he gets  himself involve in solving a murder mystery with detective Chloe. Thus, Lucifer is perfect for you to binge-watch with your pals at Netflix Party.


umrella academy

This Netflix Original Series is a version from the comic “The Umbrella Academy” by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Its story revolves around seven children who have unexplainable supernatural powers. They fight crime and evil in the world under the tutelage of their mentor and guardian, Sir Reginald Hargreeves.
However, the story comes into action when they reunite again after the demise of their mentor. Soon, they discover that salvation is coming closer to them in the future. Therefore, watch how amazingly the story twists, with your friends at the Netflix Party together.


The Peaky Blinders epic set in 1900s England, centered upon the gangster family after the First World War. Though, the center of attention of this series is Thomas Shelby, who is a fierce, wise, and intelligent boss. He controls the Peaky Blinders and is the city’s most feared criminal organization. Moreover, the peaky blinders’ fortune shifts with a more extraordinary tide when history blows upon their face. Therefore, enjoy this binge-worthy British crime drama Netflix original series with your friends at Netflix Party.


haunting hill

The Hill House in this Netflix Original Series is a maze-like, cloistered, circle concentric house which is impossible to navigate . Hugh Crain designed the Hill House for his wife. But, tragically his wife died before never setting foot inside the house. The plot revolves around two parallel timelines. The five siblings whose memories still haunt them after living in the Hill House. Thus, watch what horrific events are happening in the Hill House. Also, how they get rid of their childhood traumas at a Netflix party with your friends. 


YOU is one of the most-talked about Netflix Original Series globally. Its plot contains the story of a bookstore manager, i.e., Joe Goldberg. He becomes over-possessive for an aspiring writer aka Guinevere Beck, whom he met at the store. This crime romance drama thriller will give you absolute goosebumps. Therefore, screening how Joe feeds his toxic obsession over Beck through stalking her and her love interests on social media.


the proctector

The story revolves around Hakan Demir, who works at a relic shop in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Soon, a series of events takes place when his guardian dies a mysterious death. Then, he discovers that his purpose in life is to protect the city. Henceforth, watch how he accepts his legacy as ‘The Protector’ and goes on a rampage mission. Watch, how his life connects to an ancient secret order from the past. Therefore, this Netflix original Series is perfect for binge-watching mystery and thrillers fanatics.


emily in paris

‘Emily in Paris’ is one of the unique shows on Netflix original series. This show is typically fashion-forward, based in one of the iconic cities, i.e., Paris. Emily is a 20-year-old ambitious woman whose life took an unexpected turn when she got a job in Paris.

Hence, this Netflix original Series is perfect for you, if you are looking for bursts of comedy, romance, and drama. 


Money Heist, originally named La Casa De Papel, a Spanish-based Netflix Original Series. It covers the plot of a criminal mastermind ( The Professor), who recruits a group of eight thieves. Therefore, they take hostages and carry out their obnoxious plan in motion in the Royal Mint of Spain. Thus, watch this exciting action-thriller series on Netflix with your friends at the Netflix Party in sync. Therefore, simply install the free and user-friendly Netflix Party Extension and start streaming in sync with your loved ones.


squid games

 This Netflix original Series covers the plot of people, all of whom are in financial debt. The Squid Game throws various twists and turns on their audience. In addition to, the story reveals that it will be the actual termination of that contestant who loses.  Thus, enjoy watching this suspense thriller Netflix original Series with your friends at Netflix Party together.