Netflix Party

netflix party

Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

How to Use Netflix Party?

How to use Netflix Party

Netflix has become a sensation worldwide because of its online streaming videos. It has set up a unique global platform where one can watch thousands of movies and tv shows of their choice. Furthermore, genres are available on Netflix, from comedy, romance, action to horror, thrillers, etc. Therefore, if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones but can’t because of the long distance. Hence, the Netflix party is here for you to save your day.
Through this extension now, you can Netflix and Chill whenever you want and wherever you are in sync with your friends and family. It enables you to connect with your loved ones globally.
Hence, you can host and join Netflix Party to watch your favorite movies with your friends and family. Also, if you are worried about how to use Netflix Party, then don’t worry; we are here to help you out with that. we suggest you download the extension using the steps directed below-

Features of Netflix Party

How to use Netflix Party

The installation of the Netflix Party extension is a piece of cake. Therefore, we are directing you to follow some steps to to use Netflix Party:

First, install the extension on your Chromebook, Windows, or macOS devices. Hence, download the extension to your Chrome web store page. Therefore, click here to install the extension for free. 

Meanwhile, you have to make sure to pin the extension “favicon” to your browser’s toolbar next to your address bar. However, if you are having trouble downloading the extension, click on the puzzle icon on top of your screen. Then, you will see the “favicon” icon there and then pin it to your toolbar.

After pining the “favicon” icon to the toolbar, you must have a Netflix subscription to log in to your Netflix account. Further, you can enjoy your desired videos.

In addition, now you have to search for the movies or shows you want to binge-watch. Meanwhile, when you start the video, then pause it for a while to host a party for your friends to watch it together.
Furthermore, now click on the “NP” on your toolbar when your video is paused. A pop-up will emerge to “Start A Party “on your screen. Thus, you have to click on that icon, and a URL will show. Further, you now have to share that URL with your friends so that they can join the party.
However, you must have an existing Netflix account to join the Netflix watch party. Lastly, you can join the party using the URL, enjoy watching your favorite videos with your mates and have an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Additionally, now we have illustrated each step to use Netflix party. Besides, you should also know the exciting features it comes with, and these features allow you to enjoy your movie time with your friends wherever you are in your comfort zone.